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Shopping on a student budget - Life skills

Shopping on a budget can always be a bit of a pain. Unless you're a millionaire or happen to win the lottery right before Christmas, usually you will have some sort of budget to stick to, and when you're a student, even that will be tight.

Here's some ideas to help you out:

Be creative 

Websites like Pinterest always give great ideas on how to get a bit creative at Christmas time. Don't be afraid to think about making your present instead of buying it.

Shop around 

Thanks to the internet, you can always find something cheaper. When you know what you want to purchase, have a Google and see if you can get it online, there are often money off codes and discounts. But remember you'll need to pay for delivery! 

Have a listen around to see if there are hints they’re dropping without realising 

Your Dad might moan that his earphones are crackly, or you brother might be in need of a wallet because he's had a ripped one for months. See if you can pick up on comments like this and write them down – that way you know you'll get them a gift they'll really like! 

Plan ahead and make a list so you don’t overspend

Plain and simple. Poundland is great. 

Buy cards, tags, wrapping and any choclate from cheaper stores – it's all the same as elsewhere and you can usually pick up some novelty Christmas treats for next to nothing!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in the New Year. 

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