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Seven skills in a job description you probably already have! - Careers

Many don’t realise but there are a number of additional ways to make an interviewer say yes to employing you.

Attention to detail

Most jobs require attention to detail. The fact you’ve reached interview stage means the employer liked what they saw, so the chances are your CV read well and was free of spelling mistakes. Have confidence that your written application has already given a good impression if you’ve achieved a face-to-face interview.

Personal confidence

You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to be considered confident. There are many ways to shine and having self-confidence is a wonderful attribute. Having a little confidence helps the interviewer see the ‘real you’, so embrace your skills and talents and work on building self-confidence.

Verbal communication

Good communication is necessary in pretty much every job. Making sure you brush up on these skills will ensure you sail through phone and face-to-face interviews. It will also help you to give presentations, participate in team meetings, contribute to brainstorming sessions and even hold your own when your ‘big boss’ instigates a chat in the canteen queue!

Managing your time

Every job requires you to be punctual and arrive on time. Employers also want to know that you can roughly figure out how long tasks will take and to prioritise the order of their importance when it comes to actioning them. Punctuality and efficient planning are great skills to hone.


The simple task of being able to speak to new people in a variety of different circumstances is one of the most universally invaluable skills you can have. The ability to initiate conversations with people you have not previously met or have little knowledge of, can feel a little scary but chances are others also feel the same. So, take a deep breath and start a chat – you never know the opportunities it can lead to!

Basic tech skills

The frequent use of digital devices for social media means that basic tech experience is now more commonplace. Brush up on your word processing skills and familiarise yourself with commonly used office software and email clients such as Outlook. If you have extra tech experience such as web design or digital photography skills, be sure to tell your employer.

Is problem solving your thing?

Problems occur everywhere and when that happens, solutions are needed. A common interview question is “can you give an example of when you solved a problem?”- prepare a few answers to this type of question. Problem solving is often about how you deal with a situation rather than what you did. A logical can-do approach and ability to tackle things head-on is a valuable attribute and one that employers will relish finding.  

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