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Seven reasons why your young person should attend our open event!

Year 11 is a massively important time – not only are students working towards their GCSEs, they have some pretty big decisions to make about their future, and it’s important that they are able to make an informed choice.

There are three main pathways they could take after year 11:

  • Stay at school, moving into the Sixth Form,
  • Find employment as an apprentice and continue their training on a part-time basis
  • Study on a full-time programme at a further education College, like MidKent College.

Feeling confused?  Read on….we’ve got some convincing reasons why attending a College open day will make the decision-making process easier!

1.  Find out stuff you don’t know 

It’s simple: you’ve got lots of questions and we organise our open days to give you the opportunity to ask them - in person! Tutors from all subject areas and support staff from all departments will be available for you to chat to.

2. Get an idea of what life is like at College.

You can certainly find out lots of information on our website and social media channels but attending an open day will give you much more insight into life at College.

By coming along and meeting staff and current students, you’ll be able to get a feel for how College works, and whether it’s likely to suit your young person.

3. Understand what qualifications are available, what they lead to, and what prospective students need to achieve to be accepted at College.

One of the biggest worries prospective students have is around entry requirements – what will they need to achieve in their GCSEs to get a place at College – and what level should they start at?! We’ll be able to alleviate these concerns at the open event where our tutors and Admissions staff can talk you through the different levels and types of qualification on offer – including apprenticeships. You’ll be able to find out how practical our programmes are, whether they are suitable for progression to university and what career paths they lead to.

4. Tour our campus facilities

Seeing is believing! You’ve got the opportunity to come and see our industry-standard classrooms, workshops, kitchens and salons for yourself. You can also see them in action – we’ve got demos, tastings and Q&A sessions planned. Once again, you’ll also be able to get that all-important “feel” for the place!

5. Find out how to apply

Found the perfect programme, but not sure what the next step is? Admissions staff will be available to help you in our “Application Zone” at both campuses – they can talk through the application process and even help get the application submitted at the event. That’s one less thing to worry about!

6. Avoid issues further down the line.

Year 11 is a very busy and often stressful time. With revision and exams ahead, you don’t want to be worrying about whether there will be any places left at College. An early application will give you and your young person peace of mind and some leeway if they do change their mind later on.

7. Get help with the practicalities

Sometimes it’s the logistics of moving from school to College that worries prospective students and their parents/carers. How will they travel to College? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Can we afford the extras such as uniform and equipment? Attending an open event will give you the opportunity to talk to our experienced Financial Support Advisers who can provide further information on the College bursary as well as details about bus/train passes. 

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

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