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Scientists believe that certain hobbies or pastimes can help increase your intelligence. - Life skills

Is it true that certain hobbies can make you smarter?

Did you know that it is possible to increase your potential and general level of intelligence? A large number of people believe your intelligence is permanent and a characteristic attribute and therefore is something that cannot be improved – “I was born smart, so I will always be smart”. However, this type of thinking can hold people back from believing they can intellectually improve themselves and thus improving their future ability. By taking part in certain hobbies we can enable our brain to build new neural pathways allowing it to work faster and at a higher level.

So, what types of hobbies can help?


Meditation is one of the most obvious, well known for its’ calming effects. By sitting quietly and breathing you can easily dissipate the stresses of the day and give your brain the opportunity to stretch and relax.

Learning a New Language

There is one particular sure fire way of improving your brain function – learn a new language. Studies have shown that bilingual people are significantly better at solving puzzles than people who only speak their own language. It is proven that your brain can perform more efficiently even on tasks which have nothing to do with the additional language. Those natural multi-linguists who can master more than two languages are known to have better spatial awareness and better concentration. Being multi-lingual is even known to influence your personality!


Regular exercise is also a common way to keep your brain fit and healthy. With regular exercise, your brain cells are regularly exposed to BDNF, a protein released by the body during exercise, which is known to strengthen learning, memory, focus, and concentration.

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Reading is well known for its’ positive effects on the brain. Regardless of what you are reading it is known to contribute to self-happiness, stress relief and significantly increases intelligence – fluid, emotional and crystallised. These are the different types of intelligence that help us understand emotional needs at a higher level and problem-solving, finding solutions to problems in everyday life.


Music can strengthen the brain too. Particularly learning to play an instrument or picking one back up that you learned as a child and subsequently gave up. Musicians are known to have better cognitive functions, creativity and improved motor skills. The part of the brain stimulated when we play music is the corpus callosum – this links both hemispheres of the brain and creates new connections.

We offer several types of music courses to get you engaged with what you love, but also giving you great career prospects.

Brain Training

Brain training is a phrase that has increased in popularity in the last decade. The internet and popularity of tablets and smartphones means we are rarely very far away from brain stimulating puzzles, Sudoku, and interactive video games. Whilst these games just feel like fun, they are actually more like a mental obstacle course for your brain.  They increase your neuroplasticity – which is the brain’s ability to rearrange and reorganise itself. When your brain encounters new things, it is forced to find new and innovative ways to source solutions to unfamiliar problems. These challenges open new pathways in the brain, ultimately strengthening your cognitive ability.

So, can these things make you more intelligent?

The general suggestion is to never stop learning; be it a hobby, a career change, a language or just being a regular reader – the more stimulation the brain gets the better!

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