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Returning to education as an adult - Starting College

Coming back to College as an adult can feel like a daunting prospect but the benefits of returning can make that beginning wobble all worth it.

We caught up with Skye, a previous adult student at the College, to see what her experience was like with us.

‘I found being a student again challenging, but rewarding. My confidence has improved since joining and completing the course, with many thanks owed to my tutor Julie who was fantastic. Lectures were given in an informative way, and easy to engage with. 

I have learnt self-confidence and lots academically. The biggest skill learnt was to construct an essay and applying Harvard referencing correctly. 

I came to MidKent College as I hadn’t been in education for quite some time. I wanted to get up-to-date with studying, with the plan to go onto university in the future. 

I have enrolled at university after gaining a conditional offer earlier this year (on the condition that I passed my HNC).’

It is natural to feel nervous about returning to education. If you are considering coming back to education then why not check out all of the professional courses we provide.

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