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Panto season is amongst us - Careers

Have you thought about a career in the performing arts?

If you think about jobs, you can gain from studying Performing Arts you would traditionally think of becoming an actor/actress or a dancer.

Well, we’ve found some unusual theatre careers that you would never think existed!

  • Dramaturgy – the art of dramaturgy is the theory and practice of dramatic composition. This job covers the in-depth research of anything and everything that happens in a show and how it applies to the production
  • Publicity managers - provide the public with prepared information about individuals (which could mean celebrities!), companies, or institutions. They can be responsible for going backstage and taking photographs of a show, handling press releases, addressing the press, and setting up interviews
  • Fight choreographer – undergoes intense training to make stages fights look realistic for the audience. To be a fight choreographer, you have to learn how to move realistically with a multitude of epic weapons and armor
  • Animal trainer – animals that perform need rehearsal time too. An animal trainer trains animals to consistently replicate tricks for every performance
  • Dialect coach – requires intense training to master the art of the International Phonic Alphabet (IPA) and transcribing it for the dialects present in any show. The job of a dialect coach is to make sure accents are consistent and nobody sticks out. This means knowing accents from almost every region in every country!

Where have our students progressed to?

Millennium Performing Arts College, the Guilford School of Acting and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, and Tiffany Theatre College are just a few of the destinations our Performing Arts students choose to improve on the skills they’ve learnt at College.

Former students are now employed at The Marlow Theatre, The Orchard, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Disneyland Paris, and the X Factor!


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