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Our Pick: 'The Joy of Work' Book Review - Business

Like many, my career has seen its ups and downs. Looking back over the last 20+ years there have been times when I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my work and times when, quite frankly, I’ve wanted nothing more than to run screaming for the hills.

The Joy of Work doesn’t shy away from that, and instead encourages us, regardless of seniority or lack of it, to take responsibility for the way we feel about work and the impact we can have on those we work with; to recognise that small changes in our attitude and in our working practices can transform how we feel about our jobs and interactions with our colleagues.

In section 1, Bruce Daisley encourages us to Recharge with easy to implement hacks that can help work to feel manageable. Crucially, most of these are things we can look to change without having to secure senior management approval – simple stuff like actually taking a lunch break. But if you do need to build a compelling case, there’s plenty of workplace psychology and scientific research to add some credibility to help to inform and persuade.

Section 2 urges us to Sync, with solid suggestions for building meaningful, trusting and productive connections with colleagues ranging from the easy task of ‘moving the kettle’ to get staff from different teams talking and collaborating, to the slightly harder to develop empathic ability to know when you should leave people alone.

Finally, section 3 sets out solid research and techniques to help create Buzz – that almost immeasurable quality combining engagement and positivity that we all seem to crave. Who knew that banning phones from meetings could achieve this far better than a slide and a ball pool…

If you’ve got an interest in workplace psychology, or you’re just not content to whittle away the years until retirement in a job that you don’t enjoy, this is a must-read.

As much as I’d love to tell you more, it’s time for lunch…

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