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National Poetry Day - 7 October 2021

Discover, share and enjoy poetry this National Poetry Day!

Each year on National Poetry Day we celebrate poetry in all its forms and highlight its power to bring us all together.

This year the theme is "Choice" and our Health & Social Care students have been busy creating amazing poems about working in the care industry.

Here are some examples of their work.

Wouldn’t You Feel Bad? By Karma Richards

Wouldn’t you feel bad?  

Seeing them there lifeless. 

It makes me mad. 

They are still, they don’t move, 

Sometimes I want to put on music, 

And get them in the groove. 

They once had a life, 

Full of love and joy. 

Now they sit here alone, 

Becoming a bit more unknown. 

They may have already climbed their ladder, 

But I assure you they still matter. 

A Care Worker by Chloe Ford

I walk into their house every morning,

I wake them up, they get a twinkle in their eye as if I am their only visitor,

I get them washed and dressed, so they look their absolute best!

I make them breakfast, while they sit patiently in their chair,

I listen while they talk about their stories, when there is no one there to listen,

They make me smile, they make my giggle, I try and do the same,

I do my best to make sure that everything is done before I leave,

I make sure they are comfortable before I leave,

I look after them when the families can’t.

Time by Abbie McCarthy

There was this boy, 

Oh, he was filled with joy, 

He made me happy,  

But his heart was to so tired and dull 


We were young,  

So, in love  

His magical blue eyes made me drowsy,  

A young girl dwells 


Yet, his mother does not accept this fate, 

Who unresisting or not: lets you do as you will,  


The years passed by, and so did time and our age, 

Becoming adults that are built up with complete rage,  


My young sons have grown and gone,  

As I look upon my side, I see my love is next to me,  

To see I don’t mourn  


As I look upon myself, staring at my reflection in the mirror,  

Admiring every fine line and wrinkle  

Once a young, unique, beautiful face  

Now a pale dull face to embrace  

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