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Maths - just why?? - Careers

Yep, we get it, maths may not be the most fantabulous appealing subject to all, but it’s vital for your personal and professional life, now and in the future.

Maths is everywhere, whether you realise it or not. You’re going to need it to calculate lunch money, work out your budget to see if you can afford that shiny new car you’ve got your eye on to working out if you’ve got the time for a quick coffee before meeting a friend.

That website you’re using right now? Yep, maths was involved.

The phone you’re using? Sorry, maths again.

The house you’re sitting in? You get the idea.

Your analytic, research and problem-solving skills will improve. Just because maths may not have been your favourite topic previously, forget that and move on. You are a different person now with different experiences – you may find you can now liken maths to things that are going on in your life.

Good quality maths skills are key for almost all jobs – not only accounting, medicine and engineering but teaching, website design and construction. Even things like hairdressing – if your client asks for a certain length to be trimmed off….? You can’t just take a wild guess! If you're looking to embark upon a career in the teaching and education, find out what skills and qualifications you need to kick-start your career on our Teaching Training course page

We talk to employers regularly here at College, and they all say that maths is a vital skill they’ll be looking for in an employee. If you can’t handle money well, have a grasp of Excel spreadsheets or be able to calculate basic maths, how will you be able to afford that fantastic holiday in the sun?

You don’t have to be a wonder whizz but you do need to have a stable numerical foundation to get you through everyday life, and on into your career.

So rather than panic, cover your eyes and deny all knowledge you need it, embrace it little-by-little and you’d be surprised how some of the things you consider to be simply impossible now, will be a molehill in a year’s time.


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