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LRC Resources - a viewpoint from one our knowledgable LRC staff - Starting College

How to make the most of LRC Resources

Contrary to belief, a student’s life is a very busy life.  You may hear the older generations complaining that there are not enough hours in the day and yet somehow time is moving faster, and yes, quite scarily, you can now relate to that.  With lessons to attend, assignments due in, helping out at home and a part time job to keep you busy, it can be very difficult juggling everything and even more so, making it a success. 

So, when you’re rushing into an LRC, breathless from legging it up the three flights of stairs with no time left to get to your lesson, and a Library Assistant bleeps your lanyard and starts casually telling you about all the ‘lovely resources’ available, it probably sounds like just another way to zap your precious time.  However, they could actually be directing you towards a path that will save you so much time and effort! 

For example, if you are studying Health and Social Care how useful could Primal Pictures be?  ‘Primal what?’ I hear you ask, well it’s just the world’s most medically accurate catalogue of images of the human anatomy in detailed 3D graphics; how about New Internationalist?  A brilliant supplement for your sociology course, where else will you find articles about world employment and social outlooks alongside how search engines can swing elections? 

We have seventeen E-resources, paid subscriptions courtesy of your lovely college, just waiting for you to browse, including Hairdressing Training, Electrical Standards plus (if you’re on an Electrical Engineering course this is invaluable), Wiley Online Library and many more, something useful for every course.  Digimap is brilliant too but if you’re one of those students who can lose hours looking at your street on Google Maps, then Digimap will probably be a distraction! Think how great it will look citing the resources in your assignments, adding to the wonderful referencing you have to fit in between dinner and bed.

I’m sure your tutors know all about these resources and will help you find them if you ask.  If not, you can find all of them in the Learning Resource Centre Moodle pages, under E-resources.  You only need your usual log in details and you’re away!  

Each of our courses offer unique and comprehensive resources so you can get the best results possible. View our range of courses to see how we can support your learning

- written by Amanda Worf, Library Assistant in our Medway LRC's


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