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Level 3 apprentice Ethan Lane is our apprentice of the month! - Apprenticeships

Ethan is currently completing the Level 3 Apprenticeship Software Development Technician at the College.

His tutor Karen said “Ethan has demonstrated a real commitment to learning both at work and in training. He has achieved a great set of results in his on-programme external assessments and has worked hard to prepare for gateway. 

He puts every effort into every task and has developed strategies for working at his best through a constantly changing work landscape, adapting to working in a new team, then working from home, hybrid working, change of office location, changes in the apprenticeship team and a new qualification.  

He is always positive, wanting to learn and wanting to work to the best of his ability. This month especially, he has prepared for a new type of online assessment for his apprenticeship, with the retention of a lot of knowledge, with a high level of demand in the types of question he was asked (quite a few multi-layered multiple choice questions).  He had faced it all with a calm attitude and a determination to do well. He very much deserves to be apprentice of the month.” 

Magdalena from Influential said “We are incredibly proud of Ethan’s nomination for the apprentice of the month and his impressive results on the exams. At the same time, we wouldn’t expect anything less, witnessing his daily, strenuous dedication to work and his studies.

Ethan is self-motivated, always eager to learn and improve, skilfully using best practices, and proactively taking up more advanced projects. It has been a great pleasure to work with Ethan; he has become an integral part of the Influential team over the years. Congratulations Ethan!”

Ethan said "Programming and computers have always been an interest to me and I knew I wanted to pursue this as a career. I enjoy being able to create a piece of software through code and seeing my additions helping to bring the final product together.

My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to gain experience from real life, some confidence with my communication skills with clients and to work within a supportive understanding team.”

Well done Ethan!

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