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Let's create opportunities to continuously learn!

It is always good to learn, and right now we may have a little extra time to create moments in which we can digest new information.

You might be someone who just doesn’t have a lot of time but would still like to keep your brain ticking. Well, these ideas really work for both! 
Many of us continue learning once we leave education. Many businesses usually offer professional development and perhaps we specialise in an area that we want to flourish in to further our career. All great – but sometimes we may want to continue to learn with a less specific goal other than to gain more a little more knowledge in everyday life. 
So if you are in the position where you want to engage the brain with bite-sized tasks. Then there are a few options that you can do at home. 
New words. 
Ever read or hear a word you have never stumbled across before? Look it up – learn a new word and don’t stop. Become curious about understanding what they mean and then you can become the person that drops them into conversation. 
Learn from people. 
I am sure we have all be in the presence of someone who just seems like they hold a bank of information. Chatting to people like this can only be beneficial if you engage with what they are saying. Have you ever listened to someone and not followed or fully understood what they were saying, so nodded and smiled like you totally did – guilty! This is the time to ask questions, be curious, and try to understand. Don’t be afraid to learn from people. 
Watch something different.
Do you hate documentaries? Well, watch one. Go for a genre of film that never really intrigues you. Going outside of your comfort zone allows you to see things and learn something you probably wouldn’t have before. Branching out and opening your mind is always a good thing. Who knows, you may discover a new interest or like? 
This could be as simple as attempting a flat-pack - I use the word simple lightly. Perhaps create something in the kitchen you haven't before, a new cake to bake. Anything that falls under the creative umbrella - try it!  
Possibly one of the easiest ways to absorb a little information. If time isn’t on your side, you can play them in the car, on a walk, or doing the chores. There is a whole platter of podcasts to pick at. I have even learned things when listening to my son play his history ones - so keep those ears listening. 
On many sites now you see ‘subscribe to our newsletter’. If you have a genuine interest in something, perhaps it is time to sign up for that regular newsletter. Plus, it doesn’t have to be work-related. You’ll know when you can expect them and it gives you a chance to read something. With so many sites out there you are sure to find something that invites your interest. 
You don’t need giant books and articles to learn. We live in a world where we can access various opportunities that can allow us to learn wherever we are. Take some small changes and get learning! 


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