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Let colours create a memory shake-up

Whether you’re wild and creative, or prefer straight lines and paragraphs, it turns out that colour can make a difference to your studying. 

But how? Certain colours have an impact on our memory, helping things to stick in our brains longer. However, don’t get the paintbrushes out just yet, it does still tend to be certain colours.


Using different colours stimulates the creative side of your brain. This means you’re more likely to recall themes and the words that you associate with those colours. Nearly everything that we channel into our brain is visual, and a study has shown that you remember 50- 80% more when something is done in colour.

Yellow can make you more analytical and critical, and we remember anything important or dangerous that is in red, so these are good places to start. Blue can keep you calm and help brainstorming, and purple flairs creativity, so they’re good colours to get cracking with if you’re stressed or needing some inspiration.

Remember when you were in primary school, and spent all your money on coloured gel pens? The time has come to do that again. Result. 

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