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Keeping Team Morale Up

We aren’t in our offices to interact with our team, to crack a joke, or just have a general chat with colleagues.

These things can, of course, all still happen virtually but less spontaneously and consistently. Therefore, employers are probably worrying more so about how they can ensure their staff are coping with the current change to work. 

Here are some suggestions to keep morale up in this difficult time: 

Be upfront    

Have open and honest conversations to build and maintain the trust you have to ensure you are telling your employers everything to avoid shock and panic further down the line. You may not have all the answers – that’s fine, but don’t hide away from that. 

Healthy competition 

This gives people something fun to focus on and is another distraction in this current period. Perhaps there is a weekly quiz you could organise or even a fitness challenge that people can participate in? This also encourages staff to stay active in a more sedentary time. 

Daily meetups  

It’s really important to stay connected – daily if possible. As we aren’t seeing familiar faces, regular video meetups can be a little boost for the team. A moment to interact with each other can bring a strand of normality back to their working day. 

Keep it fun 

In a difficult time let humour be the helping hand for you all. We have seen a variety of things on our own Skype meetings, which usually involves a wig or hat of some sort…but does it make us smile – yes! 

People come first. Every home will have different challenges. We can all work together to ensure we can make this temporary way of working not so bad! 


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