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Just received your exam results? - Starting College

You’ve queued up to receive your exam results in a brown envelope – or received them by email – and now’s the time to make a firm decision about your next step.

You’re all set and you’ve got the grades you need.

Some of you will definitely know what you’d like to go on to study after GCSE results day – that could be A levels or College, and you’ve achieved the grades. And that is great! You’ll need to check in with either the teaching staff at school, or the College team, to confirm that you’d like your place.

You’ve not got the grades you needed.

That’s OK, and quite normal. Keep yourself calm and think of your next steps. You can talk to your teachers or lecturers about what they would recommend, or pop and talk to a careers adviser. Some schools and Colleges have slightly flexible entry criteria, and the most important thing is that you talk to someone – don’t hide and think it’ll sort itself.

You need to talk to someone about your options.

Again - quite normal! This could be anyone from a careers adviser or your teachers to parents or friends of the family. They can advise you on what to do, but ultimately, the decision is yours as you’ll be the one doing it! Don’t put off making a decision as places to fill up quickly, and you want to make sure you’re on the right course for you in the right school or College.

You’re not sure if the place you’ve chosen is now for you.

Don’t worry if the choice you selected 6-12 months ago is now no longer for you. You may have visited and decided it’s too far away, or you don’t like its vibe, or plainly changed your mind on what course you’d like to do. Now’s the time to discuss your options with someone, and research what else you could do.

You start at a sixth form or MidKent College and change your mind.

Once again – quite normal! There’s some flexibility within the first few weeks at the start of term but you need to act quickly. Some courses may be full, or if you wait too long, they won’t be able to accept you as you’ll have missed too much of the course.

We all know it’s a big, and for many, scary step receiving your exam results and planning what to do next. Don’t worry – all of your teachers, careers advisers and staff at MidKent College are here to help you. The main thing is that you don’t bury your head in the sand and hope it’ll fix itself!

Talk through your options today with our course enquiries team on 01634 402020 or by email. You can also book a careers appointment with our impartial careers advisers on 01634 383636 or by email.

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