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I will never need that! - Life skills

We all said that when we were sitting in the middle of period 4 maths staring blindly at the board at a whole load of maths that made little sense at the time.

But trust us, you will need at least some of that “I’ll never need that” information in your career, or everyday life, no matter the subject. You’d be surprised where it could crop up!

We asked a range of people what their “I’ll never need that” moment was, and how it now applies to them…

Karen – marketing – “My maths was good, I just hated the subject. Now I regularly need those equations and calculations I learnt at school in my day-to-day job which involves a lot of budgeting, costing and planning.”

Nigel – research - "When they made us work out areas of a shape I couldn't really see the point. Last week I had to work out how much turf I needed to cover the whole of my lawn. Made sense then."

Amanda – teacher - "The teambuilding exercises they make you do at school, like business challenges, seem pointless but they actually teach you a valuable lesson in teamwork. There is no job that doesn't involve teamwork in one form or another."

James – teacher – “You know those exercises when they make you sit next to someone you don’t know? Yeah welcome to work! You could be thrown in with a group of new people, or need to go to networking events, so those communication skills are vital.”

Sarah – charity manager – “We had to write a lot of essays when we were at schools, and the feedback we got was really useful. I have to produce a lot of reports and applications in my role, and having had a lot of practice it definitely made things a bit easier!”

Paula – safeguarding – “We were always encouraged to ask questions and I really hated putting my hand up as I was very shy, but if no-one else asked then I’d be stuck and couldn’t do the task. Now I know that there is no such thing as a stupid question, if you need to know the answer to move on then go for it as someone else will be grateful that you did.”

So next time you’re sitting having your own “I’ll never need that” moment – just remember some of the smaller things you learn now in lessons could also be used in your future career!

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