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How to escape your comfort zone.

Ways you can escape your comfort zone in 2020.

What do we mean by a comfort zone? It’s the safe feeling we get from doing things that we are comfortable with – the habits we form because they don’t make us feel awkward or worried. Maybe when you are in class and the tutor asks a question, you shrink back a little and hope you don’t get picked on because it would be so embarrassing if you got it wrong. Maybe a friend has been asking you on a night out somewhere new, but you keep turning them down because it will be stressful meeting their other friends. 

Whilst these habits and routines prevent us from feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable and awkward, in the long run they can stop us from getting the best out of life. We can become complacent and miss out on opportunities to achieve more both socially and professionally.

So, with the new decade approaching, how can you step outside of your comfort zone? It’s a good idea to start with some small changes and challenges so that you don’t feel over-whelmed…we’re not talking bungee-jumping just yet! 

  • Say yes to something you usually say no to
  • Join a new club or class and learn something new
  • Allow yourself to get things wrong
  • Volunteer – help out in a club, or with a charity

When you’ve built up your confidence, try really challenging yourself by doing something completely out of your comfort zone – go on an adventure, perform or present to an audience, do the bungee-jump! Facing your fears and doing something that you have dreaded in the past is always more rewarding than sticking with tried and tested routines. Maybe you will get that new job, or university offer, but even if you don’t you will have the confidence and resilience to deal with anything 2020 can throw at you.

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