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Help 'switching off' over Christmas

 ‘It’s Christmassssssssssssss’ ok, well it nearly is.

With Christmas comes the holidays, great for some but hard for others. Sometimes it can be hard to press pause on your work brain. Living in the moment can be something of a struggle.

Perhaps these handy hacks will help you soak up the Christmas spirit:

Detox – but of the digital kind 

Start now, we are all a bit crazy when we haven’t checked our phone consistently or it’s not in our hands! But start checking it less. Maybe leave it a few hours each time so when you are officially off, you will be in a better habit to step away from your devices and enjoy the moment. Even a few hours before you go to bed could be all the space you need, but try it.

Take a step back

Evaluate what you have and focus on the positives. Concentrate on all the things you have to be thankful for. When you are with your friends and family this is the perfect time of year to be in the moment.

Have a Peter Pan moment – what?

Unfortunately, we all have to grow up – but there is no reason why you can’t release your inner child. The simplicity of everything around us should be something we grasp onto now and again. Whether it’s watching your favourite Christmas film, baking a tasty treat or being a tad creative. This is the time to do something that you don’t usually do or don’t have time to do. Try and accomplish something that isn’t work-related!

Plan things to do

Now, this is your time off so don’t overdo it. But making mini-plans not only gives you something to look forward to but hopefully distracts you. As in our moments of boredom are the times where it can be hard to switch off. It might be that you have a list of things that you have never got around to doing – like taking that bag of stuff to the charity shop!

Relax, be present and enjoy the moment. 

So over the festive break, the only switching on - should be the Christmas lights…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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