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Have I left it too late to revise? - Exams

Smart Studying Tips & Advice

It's not too late to pick up some last minute tips and info! However you will need to prioritise. You will need to decide on your key subjects and main topics and focus on them. Some learning/revising is always possible, no matter how little time you think you have left, it is always possible to learn something! 

Pick the important topics, revise and move on and quickly brainstorm the next topic.

Focus on the key areas and centre your attention on a smaller variety of topic areas but understand them well. 

Create good revision notes 

Whilst some favour long lists of dates, facts and topics, others prefer coloured mind maps or doodles. When you create your revision notes, try and get into the habit of creating a summary too. These are mini sections that contain all of the important things you need to know. Don't feel the urge to compare yours to your friends – we all learn differently so your notes will likely look different to your fellow students. 

You have to test yourself in a variety of ways. 

Use a variety of friends and family to test you, as everyone will have a slightly different technique and order of testing you and you will learn from a different perspective.

Don't just study the easy bits.

You may think...little time left = revise everything that's easy. While it's good to skim read notes around some of your more comfortable topics, do not put off tackling some of the more challenging ones!

Take breaks, eat healthily and exercise

You may not have loads of time left, but your brain will become overloaded quickly if you try and cram too much too quickly! Ensure you keep hydrated, exercise and allow yourself short breaks.

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