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Go vocational: why it could be the option for you - Starting College

Vocational courses are slowly gaining their spot in the education world as a great option for anyone wanting to learn. Whether you’re training for an occupation, or preparing for work in an area such as public services or business , vocational courses can usually be a great option for anyone thinking about their future.

First up, they’re flexible

Due to the huge range of courses on offer, chances are that you will be able to find one that will suit you. Whilst you will have to be committed, you’ll also be given the opportunity to do other things alongside your course, such as work experience or placements.

They can get you to the same place as a degree

There is plenty of progression with vocational courses, and you can end up at the same level as a degree – but with the addition of work related skills that some people find they don’t gain from university.

Your learning relates to the workplace

Vocational means ‘relating to an “occupation or employment”, meaning, in simple terms, you’ll be ready to work once you’re finished. Work experience and work ready interviews are part of your programme, and if you do a course like plumbing, you’ll be qualified sooner than you think. 

Some people just don’t want to go to university

You know what? That’s totally fine. Plus if you do decide you want to progress to university, you’ll still have that option after your vocational course has finished.

A vocational qualification isn’t always directly related to an exact career

Backtracking a little bit, but there are also lots of courses not specific to a specific job. So you could study for a career in business, travel, or healthcare, without having decided the exact job you want to do afterwards.

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