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Five tips on keeping healthy at work - Business

We all want to be healthy and then we see cake … then suddenly being healthy can wait.

However, if you spend the majority of the day sitting behind a desk there are a few simple and sustainable changes that you can make to improve your health at work - here are our top five...

1. Breakfast, eat it! - Ok, it may sound straightforward, but this seems to be the meal that we all forget/have no time to digest. 'Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?' I think so, but do you?

2. More H2O - Another slightly obvious suggestion you might be thinking, but are you drinking enough water? There are so many benefits to keeping hydrated throughout the day

3. Reduce caffeine consumption - 'Hi, I am Sophie and I am a coffee addict!' If - like me, caffeine is a big part of your life...I mean day, then reducing the amount could make a difference. I limit myself to one cup first thing! - but sometimes you may see a cup on my desk later in the afternoon...

4. Ditch the desk - Not literally, before you begin lobbing them out of your window, but try and leave the desk when you can, and have your lunch away from the screen. Any opportunity to move around - do it!

5. How clean is your desk? -  Sometimes we can neglect the environment we are working in, but a little workstation makeover could be great for you. A tidy desk, a tidy mind - right? Dedicate a few minutes before you leave to make your desk a clutter-free zone. So when you arrive the following morning, you have a place that is inviting to work in. You are at your desk a lot; there is no reason why you couldn't get a little creative!

Sophie Cawsey
Marketing and Communications Officer  

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