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Employment after an apprenticeship - Apprenticeships

Thinking about an apprenticeship, and worried about your long-term job prospects?  

Many apprentices are employed within their current company once their apprenticeship has come to an end. Some continue with the next level of apprenticeship (such as advanced or degree level), and others are offered full-time employment in a role they are qualified in. This will also increase your salary in line with others in similar roles in the company. 

Some apprentices choose to seek promotion in other companies once their apprenticeship is finished. Your qualification will be recognised by the employer, and you’ll have plenty of industry experience to talk about in the interview too. 

Apprenticeships are acknowledged as a pathway to a successful career by employers, with many famous people and CEOs being former apprentices! (Our Principal and CEO Simon was once an apprentice chef!) Did you know that David Beckham, Jamie Oliver and Elvis were once apprentices? 

Don’t forget – as part of your apprenticeship you will be networking with a lot of different people, so consider (before your apprenticeship ends!) contacting these people for potential career opportunities. 

Top tip – ensure your LinkedIn profile is professional, relevant and up-to-date during your apprenticeship. It’s the best social network to connect with others in your industry, and look for that all-important job! 

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