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Hi, I am Grant Riddell and I study the Level 3 in IT.

I came to MidKent College as I thought it was the best option for me.

I started here on the Level 1 in ICT & Business, then the Level 2 Information Technology and at the moment I am studying the Level 3 in Information Technology. I came to College with no GCSEs and I now have a 5 in maths and English. I have recently completed my Level 2 in Information Technology study programme and got a Double Distinction.

The thing that I have probably enjoyed the most here is the teachers. They are actually quite fun, like my maths and English teacher Raj and Joey. I even stayed behind in English and maths just to talk to them. You still learn in your lessons but can talk to them afterwards. It’s less of a school environment and more of a business environment with friends.

With work experience my first year I had to complete 100 hours which I did at Cats Protection, volunteering and also helping someone with their dog walking business. In my second year we were designing a website for a mental health company who were trying to reach a younger audience. A few of us got together to try and update their webpage and make it more friendly to the youth. This year I am hoping to work more in the IT field and currently I have applied for work experience with a few companies in Medway.

I feel proud of what I have achieved over the last two years. My first year here I did entry 3 and level 1 in my English and maths. In my second year I got a 5 in maths and a 4 in English but retook my English as I wanted to get a higher grade and I now have a 5. I also got a Distinction in my speaking and listening. I have done a lot more than what was expected of me.

It’s very enjoyable here and you get a lot done. After my level 3 I am hoping to do an apprenticeship or go to university to study either cybersecurity or software engineering.

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