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Debunking Clearing myths

There’s no doubt this is a stressful time of year, when students are due to find out what university they’ll be heading to come September. But if you find plans changing, don’t panic, and don’t listen to some of the common comments that come from those about Clearing.

"Clearing means I can’t study what I want"

Just because you haven’t got your first choice, doesn’t mean you can get a degree in the subject you want. It is rare that a similar course isn’t available somewhere else in the country, unless you want to study something extremely niche.

"Lets not bother"

If you’ve gone to all the effort to research universities, visit towns, and do your exams, why suddenly let that all go to waste because you’ve had to go into clearing. Push through and focus on getting a space somewhere else, and you will regret that far less than giving up!

"Everyone else got his or her first choices"

Actually, The Telegraph reports that over 60,000 people are successful with Clearing each year, finding places they’re happy with.

"Available courses are bad ones"

There are universities that don’t take part in Clearing, particularly Russell Group Universities, and Oxford and Cambridge, but it isn’t guaranteed that university spaces will be filled up – there’s a huge mix on there.

"Resort? Yeah a last one"

Some of you may find you made your applications a year ago- in which time, a lot can change. Also, if your mind about university has changed, you can hunt through other options available to you.  

"It’s for failures"

This is by far the biggest misconception. People who haven’t made any applications use Clearing, as do those who have changed their minds. Yes, people who have different grades to what they’ve expected use clearing, but this in no way makes them a failure and clearing can open a better opportunity than what they had originally chosen.

"Nothing I want to study is there"

Universities put any course spaces on clearing for people to choose from. Some of the ‘best courses’ can be undersubscribed, so you’ll be surprised at the options open to you.

"Get what you can"

Do not rush into a decision when choosing a place through clearing. Panic can set in, but if you’ve got a back up plan before your results day you’ll find it easier. If you’re a home lover, don’t just take a place on a course 400 miles from home just because you can. Think about those options, research the course, and then pick.

Which? have a great guide to clearing day with all the information you’ll need.

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