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College buzzwords - Starting College

If you’ve been to the College for an open event, a taster day or have just been browsing our website, you might have heard or seen certain words and phrases over and over again. 

You might not know what these mean yet but don’t worry, we’re here to explain more! 


This is when you come into College to officially enrol on the programme you have been offered a place on.  We will check your qualifications, take your picture, sort out any fees (if applicable) and give you your ID badge ready to start your programme. Any other enrolment questions?  See our FAQs here.


Some people can get a bursary to help pay for education-related costs like clothing, books, travel and so on. If you need help with a bursary application, contact the Careers team.


At College there are a range of classrooms, equipment and multimedia workshops to help you learn, giving you access to all the computer software and a personal College email to make sure you get the best from your study programme.

Work ready interviews

Work ready interviews are offered to all of our students as part of their study programmes. We arrange them with local businesses and they’re a chance for you to practice your job interview skills.


NUS is the national voice of students helping them to campaign, get cheap student discounts and provide advice on living student life to the full. 

Study programme  

This is your chosen full-time course alongside four other key elements which make up your personal study programme:

  • Your main qualification (e.g. Level 2 in Animal Care) 
  • English (at the correct level for you) 
  • Maths (at the correct level for you) 
  • Industry placement
  • Personal and professional development

Want more info? Click here to find out more.

Together, these elements provide you with the opportunity to achieve the qualifications and skills you need to prepare for work, an apprenticeship or university. All aspects are important, and all need to be completed. 

Functional skills

These are English and maths qualifications that you will do alongside your course if you do not meet the requirements to do GCSE. You will be enrolled on the best level for you and they will form part of your study programme. 


Basically, the canteen! Grab a hot or cold drink, snack or main meal. There’s loads of choice and plenty of room to sit and eat. 


This is your College photo ID badge. Worn around your neck, these must be worn at all times whilst on campus. 


There is a Learning Resource Centre in all of our buildings, where you can access books, texts, computers and software to help you with your learning.

Counsellors and welfare officers

This team offers free help and support through one to one counselling or group sessions, and appointments can be made with them through your personal development tutors, or by emailing

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