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Always looking at a tablet, phone or laptop? - Life skills

Whether you are at home or at work, we are all probably giving too much attention to the screens in our life. 

It is important to create the right moments to gaze into a digital device.  



Firstly, it is worth documenting when you are starring at a screen – plus, it is probably more than you think. Perhaps note down for the week when you are using devices. At the end of the week, you can really see where your unnecessary screen time is, and perhaps other ways where you can cut it out in certain areas. 

Create screen-free zones  

Pick places either at your place of work and at your home where devices are a no-go area. This could be anything from no phones upstairs, the dinner table, or the break-out area. Places you know a device doesn’t need to be present. 

Sometimes the boundary might not equate to a room but a place within the room. For example, you may need your phone in the bedroom for your alarm, but you don’t need it in your bed for just scrolling – therefore the bed becomes the device-free area instead of the bedroom. 

Making boundaries within your everyday activities helps create a structure and hopefully a habit that then just becomes a natural part of your life. 

Don’t get greedy 

If you are watching TV you are probably also on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Sound familiar? We need to pick just one. So maybe what we are doing on our phone can wait until we have finished our programme. It sounds simple but with it sitting right next to you the temptation is real! So, the sofa could become a device-free zone… 

Get outside 

We all know getting fresh air can only be a good thing. It breaks your day up and makes you focus on everything around you. It’s the perfect mood booster come rain or shine – yes rain! 

Why not think of things that you enjoy that don’t involve the screen like cooking, board games, or a book! Adding something in is a fantastic way to add variety and break up your screen time. 

Are all these tips possible all the time? No, but to be aware and to make the effort to reduce the time can only be a good thing?   

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