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A Levels not for you?

Are you thinking of going to university in the future, but not sure if A Levels are the right choice for you?   

Here at MidKent College, we offer a wide range of BTEC Diplomas. Despite what you may have heard, these are well regarded by most universities and you can use them to gain UCAS points!  

As with A Levels, universities are usually looking for you to achieve grades in the higher ranges for entry onto their degree programmes. BTEC Diplomas are graded differently to A Levels and at the end of your two-year programme you will receive three grades of either Pass, Merit, Distinction, or Distinction*. For example, you may achieve MDD, which would be Merit, Distinction, Distinction.  

The UCAS website has a very handy tariff calculator which helps you to work out how many points you would get for each grade in your BTEC Diploma, which you can find here.

Remember all universities have different entry requirements and are looking for other skills and attributes as well as grades. Think about what transferable skills you can gain while you are studying on your level 3 programme either through a part-time job, work experience or volunteering. These are crucial to help make you stand out as a well-rounded candidate.  

At MidKent College you will be learning in industry-standard workshops, labs, studios, and ICT suites with state-of-the-art equipment and tutors who have worked in the field. If you prefer a more hands-on approach to learning and want to learn skills as well as theory, then BTECs may be for you.    

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If you want to discuss your options further, our Careers Team are available for one to one support – please contact us to arrange a telephone appointment. 

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