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A day in the life of an event planner - Life skills

A day as an event planner is hard to describe as no day is ever the same. Some days are slow and other days you wish you had more hours in the day!

Believe it or not a lot more time is actually spent in the office. Emailing really becomes your new best friend and is a great tool when ensuring all of the finer details come together. However, you could also be behind the desk researching new and innovative ideas to incorporate into your next event. Nevertheless when you are researching for your design ideas – be warned, you can look like you’re slacking on Google images…but this could be where your ideas form!

Although a great amount of time is sitting behind a desk, venturing out to meet people is a must. One day might require you to visit a venue. This is the fun part, standing in an empty space picturing your ideas there. However this is the time to ask questions, take pictures and really leave no stone unturned. You could be investigating anything from where the power supplies are in the room to how many cars can fit in the car park. Besides sourcing important information, meeting people face-to-face is a great opportunity to make an impression! It’s always beneficial when you can form a good working relationship. Plus it makes the whole process when communicating up until the event so much easier!

Therefore it is now clear to see that communication is a fundamental aspect in the event world.

There is one thing that helps me prior to any event and also a daily element at work, a list. A list is one of my biggest friends, but don’t tell emails that… (they are both close buddies of mine). Creating a list is essential for me and it is something that gets added to all the time:  prior to the event, during an event and even after.

For any event I will have an overall list and then daily lists to complete! No matter how proficient you feel your brain is at storing information, you can’t remember everything and a list is a great tool to really manage priorities of the day whilst ensuring you don’t miss something. I feel your brain will always have the tendency to rub something out! Plus it also can be very visually satisfying when your list slowly shrinks as deadlines loom.

The above is just a taster of what is involved in coordinating events. Working in events can be crazy at times – but is also very rewarding!

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