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Transition to College

At MidKent College we want to ensure that the move to College is a successful one.

We recognise that the idea of making the move can be daunting for some young people and so we can offer additional help and support to make this a success. We also recognise that young people in care or care leavers may require a named person to contact. 

What do we do?

We support vulnerable students during the transition period into College.

How do we do this?

We meet with identified students and encourage them to be actively involved in choices about their personalised transition programme, which can include:

  • Informal orientation around the College
  • Guidance interviews if appropriate
  • Transition team visit to current placement
  • Liaison with current support staff and lecturers
  • Supported curriculum interviews
  • Supported and/or early enrolment
  • Summer activities programme
  • Provide information about Guaranteed Bursary and Discretionary Bursary funding

How does this help?

  • Reduces anxiety about College
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Gives opportunities to make new friends
  • Ensures that appropriate support is in place for the start of the course.

What do we need from you?

  • Creation of a pen portrait for information sharing
  • Information regarding Looked After Child Status
  • Whether the student is subject to Child Protection, Child in Need or a CAF
  • Whether the student would benefit from other services within the College such as the Counselling and Well-being Service or Additional Learning Support
  • Liaison with key personnel in school, institution and other support agencies such as YOT or Probation

Personal tutoring at MidKent College

When you arrive at MidKent College you will be assigned a personal development tutor who will be a source of information, advice and support throughout your course. Your personal tutor can help with a range of course-related and personal issues and provides a vital independent link between you, your subject tutors and any other support areas involved in your progress. You will work together with your personal development tutor in group tutorials and individual tutorials (also called one-to-ones). In addition to these tutorials, your personal tutor will be available to help you settle in during your induction and you can call upon their support for any issues that arise throughout your course.

School Partnerships

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