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What we expect from our students

Our students carry responsibilities as well as rights, and make an important contribution to improving standards. We require our students to:  

• provide honest and correct information during our application and enrolment processes.  

• demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour, in accordance with our expectations to show high professional attitudes and standards.  

• aim to achieve their full potential by completing assignments to the best of their ability, in an honest and fair way and within the timescales set.  

• show respect for others regardless of their culture, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age disability, gender alignment, or marital status.  

• use our campuses, rooms and equipment in a responsible and respectful manner.  

• attend all timetabled sessions or explain why they cannot.  

• arrive on time to all sessions to avoid disruption to others.  

• take responsibility for their personal safety by following College guidelines and procedures.  

• keep themselves and others safe whilst on college premises by wearing their College I.D Card at all times and not allowing others to enter the College using their I.D.  

• make the most of the opportunities available to them while at college by participating in college activities and sharing their views.