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What is disclosure?

This is when you tell someone about your disability or learning difficulty so that they can make adjustments for you. The College will give you lots of opportunities to disclose so that we can support you; this includes on your application form, during enrolment, discussions with your tutors or a member of the ALS team. We will not discriminate against you or treat you less favourably because of your disability.

What will we do with the information?

Information about your disability will be accessible to course information staff, staff involved in the enrolment process, lecturers and tutors, exam officers and ALS staff. It will be used to make reasonable adjustments for you so that you are treated fairly and to ensure you have support to make learning easier for you. The information is also shared with our funding body, and in cases where we need to get approval for access arrangements for exams, it will also be shared with the relevant exam boards.


You have the right to the information about your disability being kept confidential and we will respect this. However, it may be that the more appropriate adjustment cannot be made if you do not want the disclosure shared with key staff. If you are not comfortable with the information being shared please let us know.