T Level information for employers

What are T levels?

T levels are new two-year qualifications for students aged 16-19 year olds which have been designed alongside employers to ensure that the curriculum is industry relevant and up-to-date.

Each T level is equivalent to three A levels, and includes a 45 day industry placement in a relevant workplace setting. The student will therefore not only develop the key theoretical and practical skills they need at College, but this can then be put into practice directly in a placement.

What are the benefits of T levels to an employer?

  • Find future talent for your business
  • Discover new ideas and perspectives on existing practices
  • Aid cost-effective entry level recruitment
  • Increase productivity
  • Opportunities for existing staff to development management and mentoring skills
  • Supports your corporate social responsibility by contributing to curriculum development and developing your community’s young people through placements
  • Gain public exposure by raising your profile.

Do employers need to pay the student?

Unlike an apprenticeship, there’s no legal requirement to pay a T level student on a placement with your company as they are completing this as part of their course. Some employers may wish to do so, and you can find out about the National Minimum Wage here.

What work can T level students complete with an employer?

First and foremost, both the employer and student need to abide by essential health and safety, and data protection guidelines. Talk to us about the range of different tasks a student can complete, and the range of different experiences and skills they could learn with you. Assign a member of staff to manage or mentor them, and ensure you provide regular feedback during and at the end of their placement. You may also wish to consider offering them a part- or full-time role.

Find out about the government’s financial incentives to employers to host T level students.

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