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Which course is for me?

Choosing your course can be a daunting prospect, so try asking yourself the following questions:

Why do I want to study?

You may want to gain skills that will lead you to a specific job, or you might want to keep your options open by gaining a more general qualification. Whatever you decide, MidKent College will have a course or qualification to suit you.

Do I have the right experience or qualifications to get a place?

Many of the subjects available at MidKent College are offered at various levels. For example, as a full-time student you could do a Diploma in Business (level 2) before moving on to to an Extended Diploma in the same subject (level 3). A number of other qualifications are also available part-time.

Click here for a detailed explanation of each study level.

School or College?

Our teaching environment is more relaxed and grown-up than school. You’re expected to take more responsibility for your learning and in return we treat you like an adult. It doesn’t mean we don’t look after you though; as a MidKent College student you will receive the guidance and support of a Progress & Performance Tutor who will help you to achieve your best.

We offer a broader choice of courses than most schools. Many of these qualification lead to further study or jobs, such as Hairdressing courses, Bricklaying courses and IT courses.

How will I pay for my time at the College?

Most courses are free up to the age of 19. If you are 19 or over you may still be entitled to financial help, although this will depend on the course and your individual circumstances. Please see our full-time course fees and part-time course fees pages for more information.

Where can I find out more?

You can call us on 01634 402020. If you would like careers information please call 01634 383636 to book an appointment with one of our impartial careers advisers.