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Victoria Mayhew - Level 3 in Travel & Tourism

I didn’t want to do the exams in sixth form - this programme is coursework based. I want to go onto Cabin Crew, and it was a programme I liked the look of. I’ve got family in the industry. I’m going to study for Crew next.

At the moment we’re studying two units; one about the UK as a tourist destination and the other about business. We have to learn about the different attractions, and why people want to visit them. We’ve done a presentation on it. Karen our tutor is really funny. She’s supportive of us.

We’re putting on a welcome meeting and activities for 150 people. We’ll be trying to sell them excursions! We’ve been to the World Travel Market in London and the Disney conference.

I’d recommend someone to study here as it’s got a lot of programmes, and it’s a nice campus. You’ve got more options here, and you feel like you can go further. We’re treated as an adult. Our uniform makes us stand out. You can go into events, cabin etc; it’s a wide industry.