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Tasnim Amir

I came to England six months ago and want to improve my English as I would like to stay here in the UK. Before I started the course my English was ok, but not too good.

At the moment, we are learning how to use “should” and “should not” in sentences.

We have a few different tutors – one for English, one for maths, one for PPT, and one for PSD (Personal & Social Development). They are all very good. In PSD we have 1:1s where we can talk about any problems and the tutor shows us how to improve our life here in England. They are very nice and really supportive.

After this I would like to go on to do Business. I like to study with maths and am interested in finance. My favourite parts of the course are English and maths. I love maths, and have to work at English so that I can do well.

My family were very supportive of me coming to College. I live locally and the College is very easy for me to get to. I have friends on the course and they are very good, we all get on and if I struggle with something they help me.

It’s a very supportive College – If I make a mistake they never say, “why did you do this”, they say “if you do it like this, it will be better”.