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Syd Dillon

I studied Level 2 in Music last year and have progressed onto the level 3. I chose MidKent College as it was my local college but also because my sister came here and spoke very highly of the staff. You definitely have more freedom as opposed to school, in general you are allowed more control and you are also allowed to wear what you want! 

So far we covered live performances and some recording. We have covered music theory and there is also coursework in terms of research related to any songs that you want to do and also in terms of different types of musical acts that there are different ways to perform. You also get involved in composing and we had to write pieces for a project we were doing. 

There are sound proof booths we can use where you have access to a few instruments and you can have people in there and run through everything. There is also the live room which also doubles as a live performance room and also sometimes as a classroom. It has more of a proper stage; there is a full drum kit, although there are also drum kits in the sound booths, and also front of house speakers. There are lots of monitors so it simulates more of an actual live gig environment.

A huge thing about College is that you get to collaborate with other people. I play piano, I sing, I have been playing the ukulele since Christmas and I am also three weeks into learning the guitar as well.

Once I have completed the programme I intend to become a full-time musician. I am planning on being an independent singer songwriter and releasing my own stuff online and am currently researching the best ways to do that. University may be an option but I am thinking about that. 

For anyone thinking about coming to College to study Music I would say it’s an incredible opportunity and I wouldn’t be the performer I am today without coming to College.