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Sunny Ardley

I chose Public Services because I want to join the police so that I can care and support the community and the world. I have enjoyed learning about the government and discipline because if you’re working for the government you have to be disciplined at all times when it comes to joining any public services. We’ve also learnt about major incidents; you learn about terrorism and major events that have happened in the part 10-20 years, it has been very interesting to learn about. 

We have to do fitness tests, so things like the bleep test or the grip test. You have to have a certain requirement depending on which service you join. For the police it is 5.4 for the bleep test which isn’t too bad, because it starts off quite easy for the first few levels but then it speeds up constantly as you increase the level. I think I will join the police as soon as possible after leaving College. It’s around a 9-12 month wait for the application process, you have go through vetting, medical, you have to do online assessments, interviews, there is a lot of stuff to do before you join the police.  You also have 18 weeks of training that you have to complete. 

My tutors are very good and supportive. They know what they are talking about, they are really easy to get along with as they treat you more like an adult. They support you with any struggles you may have. 

I live quite close to MidKent College and it’s very accessible as it’s near the centre of town, you can get buses and trains, so it is really easy to get to. Also a lot of people rate the College very highly, the teachers are really good and the programmes are high quality which is why I chose MidKent College.