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Sunna Amin

I am studying catering at the moment and today we are learning how to make macaroni cheese. We also talk about our future, our careers and what we want to do. In the future I think I would like to be a bridal consultant, I really love things that sparkle or I might want to be a receptionist. 

I chose MidKent College because it’s really good, it’s building up my confidence and it’s helping me to get ready for the future. I also live really close; it takes me about 10 minutes to get here. 

The staff here are incredible they really help you, they make me work hard, in a good way. No matter how hard or easy the work is I just get on with it. The people in my class are my friends and they help me a lot. 

I’ve got a trophy at home from Ofsted, they chose my work to look at and I talked to them about this year and last year at College. 

I would recommend coming to College. Amanda Hancock has really helped me as well you can go and talk to her and she will help you out with any problems or issues.