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Sheryl Taylor - CIPD

What was your role before starting your course? What did it involve?

Before starting the course I was a PA/HR Admin (temp) for a small business that have no more than 40 employees.

What did you learn on the course?

On the course I learnt how to carry out research to support any HR project management, I also learnt about legislation which helped support my ER knowledge and the importance of HR strategy.

How did the course help you with your role/career?

It helped give me the knowledge and confidence to support the next step in my HR career. It has also helped me in supporting the business in terms of aligning HR and business strategy to the hospital.

Carl mentioned your role has changed since the course, can you share a little about this please? 

Yes, whilst I was studying I managed to secure a permanent role as a standalone HR professional in a hospital with 200 employees.

Why did you choose to return to education? How did it fit in with your home and work commitments?

I was stuck at a dead end in my career as a manager(for nearly 10 years) and wanted to use my transferable skills in something I love which was business support and HR. Full-time studying wasn’t an option due to having bills and a lifestyle (that I was used to) to fund. I found that going to college one evening  a week helped working around my full-time career. It also enabled me to reflect on my studies whilst working. I didn’t feel over-whelmed with studying and working, I got the best of both; earning and learning. 

What was your tutor like?

My tutor Carl was fantastic. He was very  supportive and engaging; he ensured you were all engaged in class. For someone who had been away from education for a while he really made me feel at ease, which goes further than some may think. He is a gregarious and intellectual individual who supported everyone individually. He really embedded a culture of no question was a silly question which empowered everyone in the class.

Why did you choose MidKent College specifically?

I chose MidKent College as a friend had recommended it to me, but I also chose it because I felt face-to-face engagement was paramount to me when learning. I also wanted to meet people who had the same journey and interests as me. All the students I met really supported each other which was really lovely to be apart of; I have made (HR) friends for life and the culture was just fab!

Can you tell us a little bit about your company? And how your role fits into this?

The company I work for is a private hospital with around 10,000 employees.  Each hospital has 1 HR professional which means the role is very all-rounded. The skills I gained from studying have really helped me support the hospital strategically.