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Shelly Hatton

My favourite part of the programme is the welding and fabrication. My dad and brother are both engineers and I have always helped them with their stuff. It’s always interested me since I was little.

So far on the programme I have learnt a lot about circuits, the correct way to weld and how to prep metal. The types of welding I’ve covered are MMA – Manual Metal-Arc and MIG – Manual Inert Gas. 

It’s hard studying in a male-dominated area, but you get used to it and I get on well with everyone. I’m the only girl in my class, but there are girls studying other Engineering programmes here. I would encourage others to go into welding, especially girls as there aren’t many of us. I think the job opportunities would be good.

I have completed all my hours for my industry placement – half was done at Saxon Engineering and the other half here at the College. It really helped me to put into practice what I’ve learnt. 

When I’ve finished this programme, I’m moving onto an apprenticeship in Fabrication and Welding. I want to get out there and start working and earning money. I’ll be spending one day per week in College doing theory and the other four days in the workshop.

I know I want to become a mechanic, but I’m not sure in exactly what area. I’m thinking of working with aeroplanes or ships…something big!