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Shea Davis

I started the Access course with the aim of studying Psychology at university. I’d like to work directly in the field of psychology and eventually go on to do a Doctorate. I applied to the University of Kent, King’s College London, University of Bath and University of Cambridge. I got three offers, but have accepted the offer from the University of Cambridge. I need to achieve all distinctions grades within the Access course.

The process of applying was quite difficult as it all had to be done within a month of starting the course. You have to have an application for Oxbridge completed much earlier than other universities. I had to get my personal statement done really quickly and I also had to complete a questionnaire, get a CV and an academic CV done and I also had to sit a 2.5 hour exam and then have an interview!

I was kind of in disbelief when the offer came through. I don’t know anyone who has been to Oxbridge; I didn’t even think it was a possibility really. I applied on a whim, after a joke with my tutor and I thought what’s the harm? It snowballed from there and has worked out really well.

The college I am going to at Cambridge, St Edmund’s, has a focus on mature students. I think what helped my application was my personal statement as I explained how I can bring personal and life experience to the course other than just academic qualifications – they didn’t ask for me to have completed anything extra to the Access course.

The Access course has kind of been one big highlight. Getting to go back into education when you are more in the state to mind to appreciate it was great and so different to when you are a teenager and you study because you have to. 

I came back into education after following another career to try and go down another path. Before I applied for the Access course I was a professional actor, so it was completely different although there is some psychology involved in being an actor – trying to understand why people do the things they do.

The most difficult thing about doing the course has been time-management. It is such a condensed course; there’s so much work and it can be difficult to find the time to do it and keep a form of income. I would absolutely recommend the course to others. It is difficult but we get a lot of support from the tutors.