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Shawn West - Level 2 in Site Carpentry

My dad is a carpenter, I really enjoy it and I like coming to College and doing carpentry. I learnt Level 1 Carpentry and Joinery  so I came onto the Level 2 in Site Carpentry. I found the step up from Level 1 to 2 a lot better as we’re now using the power tools. We learnt the basics. I’ve learnt how to make a roof, how to pitch it and everything, how to make a stud wall, how to make a chalkboard and do guttering. I’m moving onto learn sash windows. We learn a lot of different things. We’re doing worktops soon too.

I’ve been doing my industry placement with my dad since I started College. I learn different techniques from my dad too than College. I’m studying English and maths as I’m going to need it. Maths is very important for carpentry, especially like algebra and Pythagoras theorem.

I live on the Isle of Sheppy, but I came here as it’s better than Canterbury College.

I’m going to work for my dad for a few years, and then hopefully start my own business or take over his.
I’d recommend someone to come study here – I’ve told my brother to come here. He’s going to do Mechanics next year. It’s not far to travel from where we live, I get the train. It’s only three days per week, and I work the other two days with my dad or on a farm. The teachers are on our level so it’s good.