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Samuel Cottage

I chose this programme as I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to study at the time but as I am getting into it, it has been a really interesting programme to choose. I did the level 2 at MidKent College and I went to College straight from school. So far my favourite unit has been the social media unit we have just completed. At the moment we are doing programming and we have to make a scoring system. We will be going more into the hardware side soon.

My tutor Simon is very nice and funny, he does engage us well in the lessons. Modu is very good at taking us through at what we are meant to be doing and helping us. They have come from the industry and are very experienced.

I chose MidKent College mainly because of the location as it is easy to get to and I felt like it was the better option. After College I am thinking of possibly an apprenticeship or university. I would be interested in taking social media further.