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Philip Bourne

I chose this programme as my ultimate goal is to build a zoo which has always been a dream of mine. There is no better programme than Animal Management to help to achieve this. I am really into conservation as well and would hopefully like to partner this with my zoo.

For my industry placement I have worked at The Fenn Bell Zoo and am currently at Dillywood Garden Centre and Aquatics.

We have just finished studying exotics and we’re moving onto out next topic which is welfare and ethics, together with biology and behaviour and health. My favourite part is probably biology as I like to understand how things work and how animals adapt. My parents are extremely supportive of me coming to College. We are all very different in the class but all get along.

Although I don’t really live locally, I would still recommend coming to MidKent College as you will meet a load of fantastic new people and the lessons here are great.