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Oliver Woods

I am a student on the Level 3 in Sports Science programme. I chose to study sport because that’s where my passion lies and I know I want a career in sport in some aspect. I love football, and the sport I play is badminton.

I would recommend studying Sport here, what I always say to people at open events is that the programme is very focused. If you know you want to do something in Sport, this is a good programme. If I had done A Levels, I would have had to choose 3 subjects. I would have chosen Sport and then two others I might not necessarily have enjoyed. 

In the future I’d like to become a teacher. I’m currently doing my industry placement at Cornwallis Academy. I’m also considering going into sport therapy such as rehabilitation from injury etc.

You learn so many different things on this programme; it is really about the science of sport. As there’s loads of different topics you cover, that opens up loads of opportunities, and things you can explore.

My favourite topic so far has been coaching, and the ones I have been looking forward to the most are coming up - sports injuries and sports therapy. Once I’ve done those I will know which one I want to go into now!

My favourite university so far is Wembley Stadium which is very apt as I love football. It’s the University for Football Business, so it’s very business based – marketing, stadium management, but there is also a course for Coaching & Physical Education which is what I am into and what I like about that is that it can lead me anywhere in the world. The contacts they’ve got are incredible. 

Oliver was also nominated to be the 12th man at a Gillingham Football Club! Read more about his experience here.