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Nick Holmes

Business & Management

Why did you choose to study Business & Management?

I've always had an interest in Business, having first studied it at school and as an apprentice. It felt like a natural progression to continue learning Business with MidKent College. I also knew that I'd be starting my own business in the future, and any knowledge and skills developed would be advantageous. 

Why did you choose MidKent College specifically?

MidKent College was one of three colleges offering an HND in Business and Management at the time. However, unlike the others, MidKent College was partnered with the University of Kent, which meant upon the completion of the course, I could go to the University for one final year to get a degree. 

MidKent College also planned the timetable in day blocks, rather than lessons throughout the week, which allowed me to continue working during the other days. 

Finally, MidKent College has modern facilities; I particularly liked that higher education students effectively had their own building with a quality food and beverage outlet.

What did you learn on your course? Did you have any favourite units or assignments?

This is a loaded question because I've learned a significant amount; I can still remember the first year's content. However, two units stand out above all: Introduction to Business Law and Managing E-Business. 

It was fascinating to learn about the different types of business-related law, and the examples were mind-blowing and ignited intellectual debates. This allowed me to understand business law and articulate my views with supporting and counter-arguments orally and in writing.

I always wondered how e-commerce businesses promoted themselves to grow brand awareness and sales revenue. Introduction to E-Business uncovered various digital marketing tactics that giants like Amazon use daily to increase website traffic. For example, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Knowing these tactics and broadly implementing them meant that I could not only apply them to my employer's website at the time but start my agency. 

What was your tutor like?

I had a few different tutors during my time at MidKent; it was a privilege because they had different ways of providing feedback and teaching that enabled me to develop different skills effectively. One tutor, Paul, could talk for hours, but every word he said had value, and every question he asked was purposeful. Another tutor was Temi; she spoke a lot less than Paul and was fantastic at facilitating class discussions. Both were just brilliant! 

Please share more about your career since leaving the College? Did your course help you with this? If so, how?

I progressed to the University of Kent with a friend of mine and obtained the degree. We got engaged about a year after completing the degree. If MidKent College didn't have a partnership with the University or a set block of days for lessons, it wouldn't have been possible. I also wouldn't have met my fiancée.

Following that, I was considered a "top graduate" by Teach First. I embarked on a top-five graduate programme for two years to teach Business at one of the most challenging secondary schools in Peckham, south London. I didn't realise at first, but on reflection, I was using the same examples that some of my tutors had shared with me to explain concepts.

I remained a student, but at the University College of London's (UCL) Institute of Education, the world's number one for learning to teach. Here, I obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Education as well as my Qualified Teacher Status. 

Throughout my education since the age of 16, I've worked in digital marketing, including as a side hustle while teaching. With all my education and experience, it was the right time to launch my own SEO company to support local business owners. Fortunately, MidKent College had a very practical finance unit, which gave me the confidence to deal with all my finances on a day-to-day basis.

Would you recommend others to continue their studies as an adult?

Absolutely! If you've got a goal and know that education will help you achieve it, then there's no reason not to continue studying. MidKent College is convenient, practical, and above all, lessons planned with student engagement in mind! I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and you will if you've got the motivation to succeed and achieve your goals.