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Mitchell Wright

I was initially going to go to sixth form to study Sport, Psychology and Biology but chose the sports study programme as it was more specialised. The units we study are anatomy, physical activity etc but my favourite one is psychology. I find it interesting learning how people think and how to get them motivated.

Long term I want to do something like personal training or gym instruction, my family used to be sports orientated, my sister ran for Kent and I have just done sport my whole life. I am interested in hands on sports such and football, boxing and F1. 

My tutors are laid back but really know what they are doing and know when to push us. Neil has been doing this a long time and Vicky is really enthusiastic. We are all supportive as a group and we all bounce off each other really well.

The Maidstone Campus is local to me and quite easy to get to, I applied late because I was going to sixth form but realised I didn’t want to go back to the school structure and environment, I wanted some more independence. I would recommend MidKent College, the facilities and staff are very good.