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Misha Kaur Mattu

I chose Business as it was my best GCSE result in school so I thought it would be a good idea to continue. We study different units with different lecturers, at the moment with Sukh we do a mix of marketing and finance and are learning about different types of advertising and how a business can expand.  My favourite part so far has been marketing.  

I definitely want to go onto university but after this programme I would like to go onto the level 3, but I’m not sure what I want to do in the long term when I’m older. My brother also came to MidKent College and said it was a good place to study and my parents were supportive of me coming to College. 

Our class is really friendly and we all get along with each other. When I first started I was on a different programme but decided it wasn’t really what I wanted to do so went to see a careers adviser at MidKent College who helped me and I was able to change to Business. For my industry placement I work in my dad’s restaurant which does link into the programme. I would definitely recommend coming to MidKent College.