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Michael Brennan

I’m in my second year at MidKent College. I have always wanted to do music as a career. When I applied to College, I didn’t have the best qualifications so I started on level 1. I moved up to level 2 from there and now here I am on the second year of the level 3 programme and hopefully going onto university.

It’s a very good programme and it gives you the freedom to express yourself. I think I have developed much more as a performer since coming to MidKent College. I think anyone who wants to be a performer, a musician or a singer should come. Even if performing is out of your comfort zone and you are nervous, I think every person who has a talent should have the right to express themselves, in fact everyone should have the right to express themselves.

I think the tutors are very inspiring. One tutor in particular who I have known the whole time I have been here is a big inspiration to me. I watch him perform and sing and I work hard thinking, right I need to become better than him!

I think coming to College is different to school. At College you get treated more like an adult and you have more freedom. You make good friends and I have learnt more here than I did at school. I get distinctions in all my assignments. College really matures you in the sense of preparing you for the working world, so here I always make sure I attend and get all my assignments in on time. You get the freedom to express yourself and you also really enjoy yourself. 

My biggest achievement is how I’ve developed as a performer. Here at College I’ve also won two student awards, one for exceptional effort and I also won the Principal’s Award. I didn’t expect to be nominated and the fact that the College noticed how hard I work was really good and means I’m doing well.