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Luke Parish

I chose this programme as I have always been into sport. It’s something I have been playing all my life.

I have been studying bio mechanics recently which has been interesting and fun. There is a lot of maths involved which I am getting better. We have also learnt the correct ways of how to test people, whether that be in a lab so it would be the O2 max, or going out and testing peoples average velocity when they run around the track. 

After I have finished the programme I will be applying to go into the army as an officer which is what I have always wanted to do but it is only recently I decided on becoming an officer.

I saw the programme and opportunities, I knew I would  struggle a lot with exam pressure so A levels were not for me. I prefer the coursework side of it and find it easier to get the grades I need. I live near to the College and my parents are very supportive from the moment I started College and will be until the moment I leave MidKent College.